October 15th, 2007

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

[001] There's only one week left to sumbit your H/D favorites to hd_fandomchoice - it sucks to go into voting and find that none of the fics you like are listed, so please make sure to suggest your faves here!

[002] I'm guessing fandom has been kidnapped by snarry_games + I was floored by the artwork here - though I admit, it doesn't really make me think Snape/Harry so much as "hot original slash couple, omg!" In any case, lovely art.

[003] Allison Mack sings! No, really - the clearest version is in the ending credits and she was just so mellow...*happy sigh*

[004] Very cool sinfest comic strip + the latest bit of shiny. That's God as Handpuppet!Buddah, having some fun along with the chinese dragon god XD I LOVE BUDDAH'S PET CLOUD ♥

[005] sansa1970 posted the results of a survey showing the sites people visit to find fics - at least in the HP fandom.

[006] ljskins helps you change the way LJ looks - MUST MAKE MY OWN LJ SKIN ASAP.

[007] markdf pointed out whatshouldireadnext.com which recs you books depending on whichever book title you type in. I usually just rely on Amazon, but I'd love to find a book recommendation site that rec books in the same way netflix can rec videos *__*

[008] SPN fans can find a supernatural doujinshi at spn_japan + clips of a dub of the pilot episode! I loved listening to the seiyū for Sam...

[009] Introducing WALL-E, the first robot with freakin' puppy dog eyes. I thought Finding Nemo was the best thing ever, but this has definite potential of being just as good.

[010] Is there a fandom for Komatta Toki ni wa Hoshi ni Kike? 'Cause it's one of those manga which could EASILY be a hit anime series - especially considering how most of the anime series airing right now SUCK. And I'm not just saying that 'cause Ookiku furikabutte ended.

[011] Is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo next month? I mean, you don't have to write original fic...think fanfiction or 10 short stories of 5k words each>___> Ultimately, it's still novel length...