October 30th, 2007

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I am so happy ;__;

Despite being in Texas, I can now listen to one of my favorite english radio channels from home - 92 FM - click to hear

It was one of the first english channels in Dubai, and while I'd love to get a clear signal for Radio 2 - 99.3FM (Classic Hits from 80s and 90s) or 104.8 Channel 4 FM, THIS IS STILL AWESOME. So, new bookmark.

It feels amazing to just listen to radio from home - and not have to hear the same songs every few hours...US radio drives me crazy >__< I missed my Brit Pop! And 80s music! EEEE.

*hums to Pink Floyd while working in excel*

ETA:I'd forgotten how radio news could actually talk about stuff important internationally rather than just in local towns...O__O