November 20th, 2007

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Progress as an icon maker

Snagging from bzzinglikeneon

So I'm tracing my icon-making skillz from 2005 to present. Always wanted to do this but...never really thought of myself as a hardcore iconmaker. Still, HERE I GO.

This post should not have taken so much time. Ignore if icon making is not of interest.

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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

My own site!

[001] Thanks to quivo's tips, I've got my own website domain and have gotten a wordpress blog set up (CLICKY). Setting it all up looks and sound much harder than it actually is. Was also able to find a coupon so that the total cost of everything was under $50 for the year. In any case I'll be looking into customizing the blog - WPDesigner has some tutorials which were exactly what I needed + found a guide, so yay! Still, if anyone's had any experience with this, I'm all ears.

[002] is a free online storage site for up to 50 GB of stuff. To test it out I uploaded Rurouni Kenshin, episode 1 and chose to share it publicly for download. You can play it in Video LAN player and choose the second audio track + subtitles to watch it in japanese w/subs. Otherwise t'll be in english. But in any case, works beautifully.

[003] Two new layouts - one at ah_gayfiction which I designed in September and just went up, and the second at takenote_icons - I wanted a simple web 2.0 feel with the graphics.

[004] If you're a Harry/Draco author or artist and always felt a bit envious of snarry_grames, it seems like the hd_worldcup is going to open up soon :)

[005] ARE YOU IN THE MOOD FOR WINTER? Yes? No? Well, whether you want green pastures or wintery landscapes, here are panoramic photos you could use as wallpapers or headers.

[006] This H/D art is so brilliant, it's made my top ten list. One of the best pieces I've seen in a long time.

[007] If you're still tackling Nanowrimo, here are three links that could prove useful:ETA: All icon makers should head over to the Phuck up the Oldies Meme - SUCH AN AWESOME THING.