November 25th, 2007

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[001] Just saw the new posters for The Golden Compass and Serafina Pekkala has gotta be the most stunning witch ever *__* And I loved the way they've included the names of the daemons too:

(click for large images)

Oh and if you haven't seen it yet, check out the trailer for the movie :)

[002] There is no way in hell I'm watching The Mist - for horror films, I always head over to for the ending. If I watch the new Stephen King movie, I'll be in tears.

[003] is fantastic for the top music videos across the entire world - you can watch UK top vids along with vids from Japan and Germany! I can finally keep track of new hit songs outside the US ^__^

[004] DeviantART recs - some pretty Cosplay photos for Death Note
  • Death Note does the Beatles - the moment I saw this piece I started snickering.
  • Gods of the New World - my favorite cosplayers for Death Note. The costumes are well made and the makeup flawless - not to mention the models are just right for the roles.
  • Stare - this is a general cosplay photo which showcases the photography skills of slumberdoll, and model blackmage9. I look at this and think china doll. This is the photo that got me going "SHINY!"
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The Golden Compass - early reviews and a note.

Early reviews are out for The Golden Compass @ (2 versions: review for those who have NOT read the books + review for those who have read the trilogy)

Now, this is important: if you have read the books, it would do you well to know before watching the film, that the last three chapters of book 1 have been moved to the second movie. IMO this is to ensure a generally positive ending for the first movie and to keep anticipation for the sequels high. I'm just glad to know it now, rather than go into the movie and go WTF when the credits start rolling. This is also something that was done for the Lord of the RIngs trilogy to make the transitions from film to film smoother.

I've been waiting to watch the His Dark Materials trilogy for a long, long time - the only other series I'm waiting on is Artemis Fowl. I've read the books, heard the audio versions - both Pullman's readings and the beyond stunning BBC radio show version - and I desperately want the screenplay and acting to match up to the fantastic visuals we've seen so far.

Ultimately my hope is that the movie does well, and New Line Cinema gives the green light for The Subtle Knife...which means we finally get to meet Will Parry.

ETA: Director Chris Weitz answers questions from the fans - Part 1 and Part 2. His responses go a long way in calming my anxieties and getting me hyped about the movie. Damn, I wish it were December 7th already.
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My love affair with stargate

Growing up in Dubai, I never got to see the Star Gate series - sure I got to watch the movie and the pilot of SG-1 that was packaged as a movie - but I never got to see the show.

And I'd think about it growing up. I'd visit the video store, browse through the limited collection of movies and wish there was more sci-fi stuff that was fun and didn't suck.

Then I came to Texas for college and subscribed to Netflix. I got to see a dvd here and there, sometimes background noise to my homework and other times I'd be sitting down with my dinner laughing at one of Tealc's lines.

Unlike my love for Star Trek Voyager which took the first three seasons to really click, I adored Star Gate from the get go. Jack, Daniel, Teal'c and Sam - those four were like a bunch of friends who I hooked up with at random intervals. Not to mention, at over 100 episodes, the show itself seemed to be a fandom - the weirdest plots, the cliches, the WTF moments and the theories - all backed by logic that seemed to make sense and humor, always humor.

In the last two years, I watched the whole series, the last seasons blending with Star Gate Atlantis - a show which, thanks to its predecessor, kinda knew what worked and what didn't. I watched SGA twice, all the way through. I cannot wait for the two new movies.

I adore the Star Gate universe. It's a love similar to Fullmetal Alchemist wherein the source material seems to satisfy my needs so well that I haven't really immersed myself in the fandom.

The thing is, I know if I really looked, I'd find my niche there. And my love would become more like that of HP, where I would frolics and squee and never really get bored, because there are so many talented individuals present already.

And there's this siren call - not just the fic, but the youtube videos from the conventions - hearing Michael Shanks (link and link), Joe Flanigan (link) and Paul McGillion (link) makes me double over laughing from how much they win at life.

I've read all of two big fics, Written by the Victors by cesperanza (in September) and At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire_17 (which I read today). Both blew me away.

I like my fic slashy or gen - I'm interested in Jack and Daniel and John and Carson and Rodney - you could probably match any of them together and my interest would perk up. A threesome would make me bounce. And the worst thing is discovering the Stargate Lists of Lists for anything and everything when it comes to recs. Not to forget ship_manifesto, idol_reflection and crack_van. So what I'm trying to say is...

The SG fandom is a black hole. I keep dancing around it, checking out stuff now and again but I can't seem to get too close, 'cause I know I'll never come back. So I probably will always be sampling stuff via recs from the f-list instead.

But when it comes to science fiction, Star Gate will always be the love of my life.