December 2nd, 2007

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Meme - Anime List

Snagged off of qem_chibati XD

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Total: 133/260

Actually, most of the numbers are 'cause - as I noted - I'll watch the first episode of an anime before really labelling it as not for me.

My first anime was Robotech (Macross) as a kid and it was in english. In highschool I went looking for anime via the internet. I watched the classic movies - Akira, My neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke etc. and got addicted to Inu Yasha (Those ears make my fingers twitchy - so cute *__*). I also adored Love Hina and Fruits Basket though today, the one thing I still adore insanely is Kare Kano, which is pure genius and just wonderful. My favorite movie is Princess Mononoke and my favorite anime in general is FullMetal Alchemist.

I've watched a lot of yaoi - but it simply does not work for me. I think romance in anime has lost its sparkle. I like my boy on boy action via manga >__> Looking through the entire list, my favorite genres are most definitely action/adventure, supernatural/fantasy, sports and science fiction. And now? The protagonist has to be male - or the anime needs to really focus on males (and NOT the reverse harem situation, ugh)

There are quite a few shows that aren't on the list but... A) this is an old meme and a lot of recent stuff is missing (I mean, Death Note, Ouran, D. Gray-man and that's just off the top of my head) and B) there are quite a few things I enjoyed moderately (Touch, H2 etc.) or even a lot...that never really became big. So.

*wonders* Oddly enough earlier today I started pondering the possibilities of getting Inu Yasha and Edward Elric to hook up O__O
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Where has the time gone?

Bloody hell, how is it December already? In a way I'm happy to see hd_holidays start off with a bang, but on the other hand - fuck, there is no time left for anything except a few things I need to finish asap. So, quick bullets before I tackle the deadly To Do List:

[001] Early reviews of Golden Compass are insanely positive - I AM GIDDY, GIDDY WITH GLEE AND FANGIRL JOY. Still, I've noticed that I don't always agree with reviews (Enchanted) so ultimately, I'm just waiting for the movie premiere.

[002] THERE IS NOW, PIRATE/NINJA FIC. It's a oneshot split into three parts and it is WONDEFULL. maderr is my favorite original slash fic author *__* She also wrote a most adorable fic that is surprisingly called Spawn \o/

[003] Give me shiny stuff and I am your slave - so I did a super, super fast revamp of maderr's lj! Do check it out!

[004] It's been ages since I talked H/D - so this thread (f-locked) with irrevokable really hit me hard. I seriously wish the ship_manifesto for the pairing would get updated for the last books because our love for the ship has grown and evolved with time and new canon. It's still very much the same fundamentally - but with the last HP books, the H/D dynamics are not quite what they used to be.

[005] When you read fanfiction/stories/prose online - what format do you like to see it in? Should the background be white - or off white like paper? What about line-spacing, line-height and text (times new roman/serif vs arial/sans serif)? What's a good width for reading fic (eyes going left and right vs constantly scrolling down)? There are dozens of articles online but I wonder about personal preferences...