December 17th, 2007

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The Dark Knight

I wake up this busy morning to find that the new Batman movie trailer is out - Heath Ledger seems perfect as the joker - he'll probably end up stealing the show from Christian Bale, haha.

ETA: quivo pointed out that a CAM version of the 6 minute preview of the movie is out here. No wonder the Joker is one of the best villains in the DC universe *__*
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Testing embed -Hulu

Don't mind me -just testing out the embed code for -very neat beta site that has full episodes of shows (legally I think) in high quality.

Only catch is that it's a private beta at the moment. You can sign up to get an invite though...

Trying out Roswell - the pilot episode. Seems even flashier than stage6...

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They've got brand new stuff like Tin Man and oldies like Lost in Space too.