January 19th, 2008

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This is going to be just beautiful. Just some of the peeps who made me start yelling:

Team Epilogue - I just want more Epilogue!fic, so this title got me hot and bothered.
OMG: femmequixotic | mahaliem (HYPERVENTILATING HERE) | novembersnow + red_rahl
*\o/*: nqdonne | scoradh | tarie

Team Canon - there are so many peeps here, it's scary O__O
OMG: furiosity (not surprised haha) | rurounihime + glockgal | sherant
*\o/*: scrtkpr | themostepotente | waterbird | cutecoati | neversleeps | mizbean

Team EWE - the team with the most story!freedom IMO
OMG: emmagrant01 | fourth_rose | mijan | libby_drew + naadi
*\o/*: blamebrampton | rickey_a

Team Fanon - I have a love/hate relationship with fanon *nervous*
OMG: amanuensis1 | charlotteschaos | pir8fancier + lillithium
*\o/*: aoifene | corvidae9 | dacro

Check out the whole roster to really get why I'm squeeing So many wonderful peeps ;__;

This has been something a lot of us have wanted for ages - and now, it's here. Wow.

artwork by red_rahl banner by incapricious

ETA: The best and worst part - the f-list is split across all four teams. I can't cheer for any one team - just for the H/D goodness :( It's so easy when it comes to a Harry vs Voldie showdown but this? This is true evil ;__;
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

I really don't know where I'm going with this....

I am in the end, a pessimist, I think.

As much as I love my OTPs, the end of the matter is that I am very much aware, deep inside, that most of these ships I adore are not really canon compliant. They would never really happen in the actual universe. Or if it IS the most canon ship, there's always this "what-if" where other ships are just as much of a threat because of subtext and near situations. It seems so fragile.

As often as we want these people to get together, we see them hook up with others or things just don't work out - especially in fandom with all it's shipping wars. And when you put a little bit of yourself into this ship that you love - when you relate to them, cry with them and celebrate when things go right - you really don't want to focus on the other side of the matter.

You begin to ignore and sidestep the other ships. You know that every time you read a fic that's not about your ships, there's a chance for your favorite characters to get bashed or for authors to change the characters in ways that make you whimper in pain.

Through it all, you want that fic that makes your ship real. That fic that others - who may not be shippers - can read, see it as canon and that moment where it all clicks and they believe in the ship. That yes, this is a ship that really does work.

I admit, fanfiction is ultimately an alternate reality.


If one is able to take a closed canon fandom like HP - read the last words from the books and just continue where it leaves off - who's to say that the creation isn't real? At that point, anything's possible really.

In life there are moments where you wish you could change things in your life, where you wonder about what could have happened - and when it comes to stories and fanfiction, it's possible to do this. But.

I've come to realize that for me it's all or nothing. You either go completely AU and change everything around - or you view Harry as a person - someone who you've grown up with. I want to see how, after getting married and having kids he could still hook up with Draco. That, it's never too late and perhaps a good thing that it's taken them this long to get together.

Bah, in a weird mood. I don't really know where I'm going with this. Probably PMS. Just - ignore.

ETA: Yeah, I'm going to pin this on sheryden *shakes fist*