January 20th, 2008

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Tinker, tinker

Started playing around with Bloggish layouts today using the Holiday in Vegas layout @ thefullcrum as my starter sheet.

Oddly enough instead of building on it, I'm stripping the code down since I want to do a minimalist layout...

Bloggish is one of the few S2 layouts also on insane journal - so very good for comms/users who mirror their ljs
It's possible to get the sidebar to go horizontally across the layout
It's pretty easy to change layout width et all - so I should be able to include a customization guide too

The sidebar modules cannot be rearranged in the Customization area
The Page Summary just vanishes on custom comment pages :(
The links Recent Entries, Friends etc. are inside the sidebar

I wanted to put the sidebar at the bottom of the page, but then navigation links also end up at the bottom too - so, no go.

By 'minimalist' I mean, absolutely no graphics - including all the usericons/avatars - but it makes me wonder:

Poll #1124474 Your Layout and You

If you can have usernames without the usericons/avatars...

I need usericons+usernames everywhere - they're like milk and cookies
As long as there is a username for identification, I don't need the icons
usericons+usernames on friends list is a must
usericons+usernames on my main entry page is needed
usericons+usernames on my custom comment pages is required
I don't use custom comment pages

If you need an example of what I mean - entry page, custom comment page and f-list page. (Yes, it's got a long way to go, but, at least y'all can see what I mean by no icons)

ETA: Considering how many peeps think of icons and names as their milk and cookies of LJ - I'll probably keep the disable!icons as a bonus cusomization peeps can include if they want - so everyone's happy XD