January 21st, 2008

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Still morning and yet it's been a long, long day....

One of my absolute favorite fics of the hd_holidays fest is by someone who has never actually posted a Harry/Draco fic before. Normally new authors in this fandom tend to be peeps who are new authors, period. They work at it and with practice and some amount of luck, improve with time. Others may have the writing ability but they haven't gotten characterizations down completely or haven't quite figured out their own H/D style.

In other fandoms, it's more common to see talented writers pop in and do a fic that just happens to kick ass. I don't know why, but I don't expect it to happen in the H/D corner. Though I admit, if it were to happen, the best place to get exposure might just be in an anon!fic-fest where shippers read each fic like it *could* be written by a favorite author. And the reception can be really good.

For this round of hd_holidays I pretty much missed everything and started slowly catching up over the weekend. After certain family events in the past 24 hours, I had to take a time out from RL and just read through a lot of the fics I missed.

If I had read Now the Shining Sun is Up last month, I would have thought mahaliem or sarahtales had written it. Lo and behold it was written by lettered, who frolics happily in the BtVS/Angel fandom and dipped her toes in to this corner of fandom for a certain love of Harry and Draco.

There are so few stories that make you feel this awesome - and also just happen to hit you in the gut. Draco is not canon!Draco necessarily, but the characterization seems to take canon and run away with it and lets it develop to it's full potential. I understand why people would e-mail sarahtales thinking she'd written it. It's just fabulous.

When it comes to the H/D ship I admit it's Draco who really draws me into the pairing. But it's not very often I find authors who can write a Draco I can *really* believe in - get his character and thought processes and the completely twisted logic he has, whose cracky!genius and craziness and vulnerability and shocking depth makes you realize that yup, this is Draco...and while you're laughing you feel a pang because this is the guy you adore and don't get to see as often as you'd like.

So, if you can, go read the fic.