March 5th, 2008

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Yesterday's American Idol - The Boys

  • Voices/Takes on songs that impressed me: Chikezie (!!!), Danny, David C
  • There is still love: David A, David H
  • Mid ground: Michael
  • Performances that weren't fabulous: Luke & Jason

The sad thing is, while Danny can sound good, visually he makes me run for the covers - his over the top winks and cheesiness just makes me cringe. So honestly, I wouldn't mind seeing him or Luke go. They've both made me wince at some point or another.

I want another week with the other males though. Especially Jason - there has got to be more to him and I don't want *that* to be his last performance...and I just realised who Jason reminds me of - a sweet and kind of goofy alternate version of Jensen Ackles o__O No wonder I want him around.

David and Danny had solid voices but I kept thinking of the way the original songs went. Kind of a mixed bag.

I have this feeling that if Chikezie released a single, I'd have no problem listening to it - might even love it. But I can't seem to fall into his stage performances :( At this point I do think that's the issue that that's hurting him on votes. And man, did he look depressed after Simon's comment :( I kind of wanted to hug him.

Most of the guys have voices that would sound fab on the radio - and IMO, with certain peeps like all three Davids, I can't help wondering if they really need to BE the next American Idol to make it big.

David A's got that golden voice that could sing pretty much anything...David H has a great voice + potential for growth...David C keeps making me think of Chris Daugherty and how you could slap his vocals on a rock song and it would sell.

So if Jason, Chikezie, or one of the girls won - I don't know if I'd really be disappointed.