March 26th, 2008

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Recent and not so recent...

[001] Posted a color poll on mintyapple and it would be awesome if y'all could check t out - feel free to skim and choose what calls out to you. I'm kinda torn because while I know I will be having 3 layouts in white, grey and black respectively, I'm not sure if I should stick to light colors in the rest of the colorschemes (which is most popular on LJ), do some dark colorschemes which can look so awesome on more professional blogs, or go midway with splashes of color. Damn it.

[002] If a website goes down or if a story goes offline, you could check this aricle on how to find lost web pages. I got to read two fics that had virtually disappeared off the internet!

[003] forums are a life saver. They have a thread on Sprint SERO - get internet, messaging and cell phone service for $30 a month. I'm paying over $40 a month for Cingular/AT&T and that's for just basic cell phone service. WTF. Am switching over in May.

[004] sharona1x2 pointed out that gonzo is going to be streaming anime (WITH SUBTITLES) - which is just fabulous news :)

[005] I know some of y'all are hunting for apartments/homes so here are 3 floor design sites to make it easier to visualize the homes with your funiture in it :)

[006] I admit I still adore parchment color schemes but...CHOCOLATE is awesome - used to have a gorgeous yummy cocoa colorscheme and just thinking about it makes me drool. And grrliz just posted up her opal layout and it's got lovely browns too.

[007] My sis and I watched the anime Gakuen Alice over the weekend - it pwned Kodomo no Omocha IMO - but I think I'm going to try Lucky Star and Minami-ke in future. Yeah, I know - I almost never touch shoujo, but it's been a while since I laughed so hard over a cartoon. Damn it, when is the next episode of Avatar going to air?

[008] Keeping track of your credit score can be expensive - most sites run at about $10 a month. However, I just gt a year's membership at for $30 - I can check all 3 reports AND scores every 24 hours - and again it's thanks to a thread on

[009] What's this "Linux and why should I try it - Articles like this one remind me that yes, I need to break out of my cozy box since there is an alternative to Microsoft other than Apple - and it'll work on regular PCs.