March 28th, 2008

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[001] I've been thinking about it and I guess the reason I've never gotten a permanent account on livejournal is 'cause, as with all things on the internet, I don't think the LJ as it is today, is going to last. We'll probably end up moving in a few years as more innovative websites come out. Though I wish we had a company RIGHT NOW like Google which would connect blogging tools to communities in the way LJ does and just make it even better. Might still be a long time in coming though.

[002] You can now use Photoshop online for free - Photoshop Express went live yesterday! If you're not a PS!ho like me, there are many other alternatives like to edit photos and images fast.

[003] Started working on some layout colorscheme mockups and will make a poll next week to decide which to use - here are 3 small previews: light, medium and dark

[004] Guys with homophobia may actually also happen to experience homosexual arousal - so basically, there are homophobic males who just happen to be in denial about their own sexuality *sigh*

[005] BTW If you burn CD/DVDs/Blu-rays/HD-DVDs, is giving away the full version of Starburn 10 - as good as Roxio and works on Vista! Only downloadable for the next 10 hours and then gone!