April 2nd, 2008

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There is Scorpius/James/Teddy fic.

Excuse me while I collapse into a pile of mush.

Life is blessed.

ETA: My gushing, rambling and not very coherent comment is here

Characterization, storyline and smut IS ALL AMAZING. This is more than I could ever hope for.

Oh and as who_la_hoop says, "Even if you think you won't enjoy this pairing (well, threesome), I rudely politely suggest that HELL YES YOU WILL :D"
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

This year...

...LJ has given me a newfound hatred for April Fools day. I know I'm gullible but damn it, some things you don't joke about.

Oh yeah, and this isn't about anything in particular but just various jokes yesterday that weren't funny really - and most were on livejournal.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

*spammity spam*

neversleeps did a meme, listing the characters you would have sex with.

I'd love to do that meme except...I can't even imagine having sex with any characters. I can perhaps imagine watching them have sex and being a voyeur - or that pervy watcher behind a one way mirror who may or may not direct their actions with another character - but actually having sex with them? Hmm..

And I admit - I might include a woman or two in a list like this - Faith from the Buffy series is one of those characters hot enough that it goes passed gender. And I wouldn't mind putting her in the middle of a threesome with Dean Winchester and Captain Jack Harkness.

The worst thing is that most of the other characters I can think of don't actually have actors/actresses representing them: Edward Elric, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Rogue, Naruto...hmm, maybe that's why I adore looking at cosplay photos so much...