April 4th, 2008

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Normally animated icons get old very fast...except for this new one. Damn it, I keep staring:

by aomidori

They're much better with the bunny ears and everything instead of the gundams...
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Food, laughter and smut

[001] How do you improve on jello shots? Here's one way I really want to try. Though, I admit I haven't even had regular jello shots (something that needs fixing asap)

[002] It's timelines like this that made me glad I could never watch Lost.

[003] If you've wondered what a fusion of tarot cards and HP would look like, check out ellygator's gallery on deviantart - each card has a HP character and includes an explanation on how it all works :)

[004] Smashing Magazine has listed some of the most gorgeous light effects tutorials. I wonder how popular these trends will be in the next few months...

[005] Going through some old pages, I rediscovered an old comic strip by sherant - even if you're not into slash, the final panel is a killer *snickers madly*

[006] I stumbled onto a Kanda/Allen fic by sutlers - featuring a veela!Allen. It's cracky, and hot and laugh out loud funny, so if you're familiar with D.Gray-man, check it out!

[007] How cars are made - a shiny wallpaper that manages to be smutty too - I marvel at humanity's ability to focus on the umm, more enjoyable parts of life >__>

[008] Before I forget, here's a list of some of the best picture editing sites online: photoshop express, fotoflexer, picasa, picnik, aviary and splashup. slash_eater has a breakdown of the first four over here. Never has my icon been more appropriate XD

[009] OMG, The Land Before Time! Ah, the memories this brings back ;__;

[010] Have been catching up with Naruto manga and I'm wondering whether Itachi will turn out to be the Snape of the naruto!verse - that he wasn't just a homicidal psychopath but might have ulterior motives for his actions *wonders*