April 14th, 2008

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Looking back...

One year ago in April I posted my first shared LJ layouts.

Two years ago in Feb 2006 I started the H/D Directory - which I finally updated this month.

Since then for layouts there's been several redesigns, both for myself and others: ackonrad, dacro and maderr and four for comms: hd_inspired, takenote_icons, hd_worldcup and ah_gayfiction.

On the recs front, there were two compilation rec lists made - one for H/D fandom Classics and another for hd_holiday's 2007 summer round. Did harry/draco recs for crack_broom in September 2007. I haven't done an actual full sized H/D rec list since the one in Sepember 2006. Don't think I'll ever catch up.

Also did the Supernatural Rec List Directory in June but haven't updated it since >__> Damn.

In some ways it feels like forever and on the other hand there's still so much to do and it feels like I just started. I want to be innovative with designs and try things out of my comfort zone. Also need to make the time for proper recs more often. Probably won't happen but one can always hope.
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

hd_worldcup: Tarot Prompt - The Hierophant

"Upright: The need to follow tradition, ceremony or a path of ideas and beliefs, even if they are outdated. This card can represent any structured group with rules and assigned roles. It could be interpreted as a need for group/mentored learning or the need to conform or change the rules.

The Hierophant also represents an interest in spiritual matters, or a spiritual mentor – a medium to a higher plane. It speaks of laying the foundation for a belief system and drawing comfort and security from one’s roots. It also represents humilities, kindness, goodness, forgiveness and companionship.

Reversed - It can represent a lack of conviction and inactivity. Being captive to your own ideas. Feeling constricted by the attitudes of society as a whole. Pressure to live up to the expectations of others.

Stuck in tradition. Unable to change with times. Foolish exercise of generosity. Overkindness. Repeated errors. Impotence. Frailty. Renunciation. Rigid thinking with no room for growth. Withholding or distorting information to retain power. Intolerance. Propaganda. Mistaken moral superiority as a justification for the persecution of others. Obtaining obedience through fear rather than trust. Inherited prejudices. Gullibility." - bewitchingways.com

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