April 29th, 2008

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[001] MAKANI POSTED STARGATE SG-1 ART AND IT IS AMAZING (scroll to bottom). I curse fate 'cause for some reason she doesn't care much for my favorite characters (Draco, Daniel, Toph etc.) I can totally tell Daniel is her least favorite. BUT her art is still the best thing ever ♥
What has me laughing and laughing is the outpouring of comments with Daniel!love at the DevART post. OH FANDOM, ILU. The way they say it, it's like through the series Daniel goes from semi-hawt nerdy guy to HAWT badass with a sense of humor. Ow, my sides hurt XD Yeah, he does seem to go from one cliche to another, lol. BUT STILL SO VERY SHINY!!1!

[002] And speaking of DeviantART: A Verbose Guide to Critiquing O__O

[003] Okay, anime round up. Main shows I'm watching this season are Macross Frontier, Library War, Kurenai, Junjou Romantica, Nabari No Ou, XXXHolic Kei and Soul Eater. There are some I'm unsure about but these seem to work for me. What about y'all?

[004] Has anyone used Tor to protect their privacy online? I was thinking of tryng it out...

[005] For those of you who have issues with Megaupload, maybe this will help: How to get around megaupload limits

[006] Have updated my community listing (of those super sekrit lj file sharing spots)but I'm wondering which day to make it public - on the weekend (Sat or Sun) or one of the weekdays...yes, I wonder about stupid things.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

H/D monthly zine?

painless_j's recent post about fests had me rambling about the way fandom has changed.

And thinking about it in the shower today, I began wondering about the possibility of a monthly online H/D zine - one that could include meta, a bit of discussion and more importantly fanworks of various lengths. It would still be a bit of a challenge for authors and maybe the fanworks could be left anonymous till the next month's issue of the zine comes out. Also, since it would only get released once every 30 days, readers and authors would get a bit of a breather.

Any thoughts about something like that? It would be different from the trend right now where authors and readers seem to focus primarily on the fests for their fix of H/D - the waits between fests are painful and then the deluge of fics can be just as overwhelming. A monthly zine with various topics on the Harry/Draco ship would make me go \o/ because it wouldn't be just enjoying the fanworks but there's the potential for more interaction via discussion. And the best part - new meta, woot!

(So now you might want to poke holes at the idea, lol since I'm geting ahead of myself)

ETA: Imagine a monthly (continued) H/D comic strip by artists! Eeek *_* A zine would be so awesome...*happy happy sigh*