May 3rd, 2008

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Ok, umm, Iron Man? Probably the most entertaining movie of the year yet. What a way to start up the summer season *__* Fun and totally kick ass - Tony Stark is SO not a golden boy but you can't help but cheer when he blows shit up :) Could have replaced Pepper with someone else though - better yet, a guy ^__^

Aaah, let's see, movies I'm looking forward to: Batman 2 (The Dark Knight), Wall-E and Indiana Jones 4. I'm definitely NOT seeing The Hulk or Speed Racer in the cinema.


ETA: Oh yeah, while The Dark Knight is the most anticipated movie for me simply 'cause of Heath Ledger, generally I find that Marvel totally pwns DC Comics - in the same way that I prefer SHIELD (Avengers et all) to Justice League XD
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Original Slash Recs: Megan Derr // maderr

If you've always been on the fence when it comes to slash/yaoi and never knew how to familiarize yourself with that particular genre, trying out original slash fic might be the way to go. There are some excellent stories online with different ratings (with barely a kiss to really detailed smut) and it's a great way to get comfortable.

When I think of original slash, my mind immediately jumps to Megan Derr's lj, maderr. She was one of the authors I discovered early on via her page and my god, she's written a lot. I adore fantasy!fic, and her fics have ninjas and pirates, dragons and lords, knights and demons, goblins and kelp. There is so much SHINY to read that I figured I could just do a mini guide of sorts to my favorites...

I'm a sucker for fractured fairytales, so her early original slash fairytales will always have a special place in my heart. If you're new to slash, rest assured that they're pretty tame. Yet, each of these stories is a lovely read that makes me all bouncy. I wish I had these growing up 'cause they're exactly what I had always wanted to read.

Main Gauche: a twist on the Cinderella tale where instead of a ball, we get a dueling tournament. Not to mention each character is named after a weapon. It's just very cool and my favorite out of her early works. I'm probably not alone in this 'cause it got a revamp recently, lol. Lots of love for this one.

More Precious Than Gold: not so much a reworking of the Rumpelstiltskin tale as it is a sequel/continuation. The Queen's son is all grown up and his mother once again needs to spin straw into gold.

The Tower: Rapunzel is still a girl, but the story focuses on certain people around her, including a former thief who helps her elope with her true love. Unfortunately the young man has to deal with the Wizard who had locked her in.

These are just a few of her early works and since then she's written a lot more - you can find them all on her website's fairytales section. These include completely original stories too:

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The next few fics aren't categorized as fairytales but rather as short stories - they're still fairly long though, lol. You can also tell that the author has really branched out:

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The author has also created several different fantasy universes with dozens of fics in each 'verse. Some of these stories can be read as stand-alones, so I'm going to rec my favorites from them too:

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Will be putting up a rec list of general original slash fics in the near future ^_^