May 6th, 2008

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Memory lane...

Got distracted by old Gundam Wing fanfics - am depressed that I can't find Getting to Know Me by joosetta and Rider by DSA ;__;

Might end up rereading my favorite, Dance with the Demons by Blue Soaring ♥ It reads like original slash and is just awesomesauce.

I admit GW is one of those fandoms where I NEVER watched the actual show. I just enjoyed the fanfic like hell.

Why doesn't the fandom have any classics lists though? ARGH. Will go through gwyaoirecs and hope links still work...Have a craving for some Duo!lovin' at the moment XD
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


I may seem like a giant flake, but I don't do friendbacks unless I feel like I'm connecting like hell with a person and my mind kinda spazzes and goes "where have you been all my life?"

It's partly because I have been burned in the past wherein I'd friend people back and then since we never really talked in the first place, while I got into reading them, they disappeared, stopped commenting and it felt like an unrequited relationship. My f-list is actually pretty private now as a result. People are free to lurk, but friending me doesn't mean that I'll get around to friending back any time soon.

And you don't have to friend me - you can track posts, or do RSS feeds. If you feel hurt by my stance, you do have alternative options to friending.

I also think friending everyone whose been on the flist a while and filtering them out when I read the flist is a bigger insult than not friending them back. I want to be able to say that I read my flist and try to connect with the people. I connect mainly through fandom posts. I'm not going to friend/keep someone on if I'm not willing to give them at least that much attention.

I'm also someone who is normally a GIANT lurker. Participation in fandom things doesn't actually come normally. Three times in the past, I've tried to do a couple of big, awesome things - but in the end I flaked out, avoided commitments and then discovered it was too late. And yeah, I think of those things and I feel like the biggest asshat ever.

LJ is all about fandom for me - its something that I've needed but never had - ever since I was in middle school really. It's an outlet and even a bit of escapism from RL to just enjoy and share the love. I try to ignore wank apart from watching it while eating popcorn, 'cause that's not why I'm here. Truthfully, if LJ does become more drama than its worth, I know I'll probably log off one day and never come back. That's just me.

For now though, LJ is still a pretty awesome place :)
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Layout in Progress

Live preview: gingerwine + Insanejournal!

This was the Bloggish layout I had in the works for the past few months. It will work on both Insane Journal and free layouts and have custom comment pages too :) Not sure if I want to bother about LJ's navbar or plus accounts though...The main idea is to have it work on both IJ and LJ.

It'll be possible to add your own header image and change link/text colors but I don't plan to make a guide for other changes.

But like the worldcup layout, instead of "reply/edit/delete" it has images - without needing a paid account :) Just need to fix bugs and the colorscheme for now. And notice the username are above the titles!

Oh and I'm using the recent banner I did for that header contest XD

Currently entry titles are orange, links are green and lj user links in entries are blue. Not sure it works though - will experiment with colors. Also might need to make dividing lines darker...