May 12th, 2008

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O_O Fic for me? \o/

[001] carameltrap pointed out that there's going to be a live action movie of Robotech/Macross - the thing is, this is not a Japanese production. Warner Brothers bought the rights. That's right, a movie ala hollywood. Whether it turns out awesome or incredibly cheesy, at least we'll get some amazing visual effects *_*

[002] I uploaded the latest episodes of both Macross Frontier and Junjou Romantica and they're at anime_downloads if anyone's interested.

[003] After seeing the awesome username!icons lidi made, I had to request one too - and she was super enough to oblige ♥

[004] Logging onto LJ was WONDERFUL today, since the first thing I saw was that megyal had written me fairytale!H/D - THANK YOU SO MUCH *SUPER GLOMP* - will now head over and read XD

[005] Oh and nearly forgot - wanted to ask y'all one thing for a while now. What are the most notorious comms/ljs on livejournal and the clones? I know fandom_wank is one and so is ohnotheydidnt. bad_penny was famous in the HP fandom for some time, but I'm talking about general public notoriety...
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

VOIP help

Just spent the past few hours trying to figure this out and it's a longshot but...

I need some help - my parents live in Dubai (Middle East) and they recently started using JustVoip for their calling needs (to USA, Australia, Canada and India). While the local ISP's proxy blocked the site, the program they used let them make calls anyway.

The only catch was that I had to charge the account. Previously, this was alright since paypal was accepted. Now however, it isn't. The only other viable option is sending money to Betamax (in Germany) via Western Union (which costs $15 each time). I don't trust the company either since you can google them and find that they have a really shoddy reputation.

So, does anyone know of decent VOIP sites that can be paid for online (via paypal or moneybookers) and *works* in Dubai? I'm going to try BopCall and CallCentric tomorrow after I verify my moneybookers account.

I just feel there's gotta be something better and easier than justvoip out there - and something that Etisalaat doesn't block.