May 15th, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


Hailstorm. Am safe. Window shattered. Glass all over bed. Power still gone. No light outside except for cars on I-35. Have lit tea lights. Will sleep on sofa. Typing on mobile. Only thing still working.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Hailstorm: Update

Okay so it turns out that a large number of homes/offices/campuses in Austin had a) windows shatter from the hailstones at 60 mile winds and b) power outages.

Oh and lots of fallen trees - on roads and cars.

I can hear someone sawing the tree just outside that's blocking the exit to the open parking lot for the building. A tree which fell on the spot I used to park at O_O Definitely glad I don't own that SUV...

I can't tell how much damage there is to my car since I can't get to it.

While some areas still dont have power, mine came back on earlier and I was able to pin and tape a large piece of cloth across the broken window. Luckily, I placed an extra blanket under the bed cover for extra cushioning so I doubt any glass got to the mattress itself. Getting a new window pane may take a while though since most homes are in need of glass, including people who live at ground level >_>

Living on the second floor totally wins.

Am walking around with sandals on and prob won't be sleeping on the bed tonight until I'm sure all the glass pieces are gone - definitely need to sweep & vacuum.

SURIVED \o/ - and only just slightly traumatized XD

Though it's times like this that I miss Dubai. Sure, it's blistering hot but you can be sure its sunny 99% of the whole frickin' year. The other 1% is light rains and sand storms, and sand doesn't really cause this kind of damage >_<

♥ After last night's craziness, reading all your messages made me want to... well - *GIANT HUG*

Just glad that most friends live way off campus or are on vacation already. Even my sis is in Atlanta at the moment - so its almost situation: normal now, except for a hole in the wall.