May 21st, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

*drum roll*

[001] Having finally posted 10 layouts at freelayouts, I now have my own tag: {layouts by} gossymer. Wow and it only took me, what? A YEAR? *headdesk* Oh, to be more productive like the owner of a certain comm (coughcoughthefulcrumcoughcough) Did y'all realize that it's about to hit 50 LAYOUTS? OMFG. Now that is impressive.

[002] In future, I think most of my graphic intensive layouts (like the mockup of the desktop) will be on Expressive and the less intensive ones (like festive_hols) will be on Bloggish (and work on the LJ clones ^_^)

[003] In December I got the website, - now this summer I'm going to get a) my recs set up over there (PJ's site is SO shiny), b) live previews of layout OFF of LJ (so I can get rid of my paid account next year) and c) a portfolio of graphics for future.

[004] 100 new peeps on the friends of list since December. Umm, ok. *pokes the lurkers* HAI GUYS!!1! Feel free to speak up once in a while - I never thought I was intimidating but I was recently told otherwise >_< Considering the amount of daily spazzing done, I don't get it.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


Umm, hd_worldcup? Can we have the reveals now? Sure reading this was eye opening but after over a week of waiting I'm shallow enough to wish y'all would have focussed first on the results and then on the wank.