May 28th, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Mo layouts and pr0ny stuff

[001] Just got up a layout for terminus_hd - will see about getting images/gradients added on the weekend. The new layout for hd_holidays is also up and I think all the bugs have been cleared >_> All that's on the to do list is coding for my opal layout :)

[002] One of my favorite boy bands of the 90s was Boyzone. Thanks to l_vera01, I just found out that not only are they back together but OMG, promo photo with them almost naked! How can they look better than they did ten years ago? God. I don't think I've ever slapped my hand across my mouth so fast and hard ^o^

[003] A while ago libby_drew posted about the Kawasaki’s annual fertility festival aka PENIS FESTIVAL - omg, the lollipops! *headdesks so much*

[004] The focus of the summer is going to be on getting my website together and my internship - I'm still not sure if the latter is going to get in the way of Terminus :(