May 31st, 2008

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Randomness :)

[001] Ok, I'll be the first to yell that Firefox is not my primary browser - I've been using Opera since highschool and it's just awesomesauce. STILL, I think I'm going to help Firefox break the world record since it would be a bonus for alternatve browsers everywhere. Go and make a pledge!

[002] When it comes to tutorials, I tend to roll my eyes at elemental effects like fire, ice, earth etc. since the graphics look so incredibly tacky most of the time. However, the latest tutorial from PSDTUTS made my jaw drop 'cause it's simply stunning ^o^ One of the best text tutorials I've seen in a long time. There's also the grass effect that was pretty amazing too.

[003] I subscribed to licdfeed a while ago which is the feed for the Least I Could Do comic (wiki entry). OMG, RAYNE REMINDS ME SO MUCH OF DEAN WINCHESTER+ another earlier example XD. I should point out that he is impersonating an officer too. I think Im going to love this as much as sinfestfeed. Oh yes, definitely ♥ And LOL.

[004] Since it's almost June, how about some desktop wallpapers for the new month?

[005] If gas prices are driving you insane, here's an awesome post with links to sites that'll help you find the CHEAPEST gas station in town!

[006] Has anyone tried using skribit? It seems incredibly nifty - especially since it looks like the web 2.0 version of polls :)
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Gift advice?

One of my cousins is going to India to get surgery on his hips/legs and will be in intense physiotherapy for the summer.

My sis and I wanted to buy something online and send it over to him. Unfortunately the only things we can think of are novels or a portable DVD player for use when he's bedridden in the first week or so. Does anyone have any suggestions for gifts in this kind of a situation?

He's actually the third family member to be in Mumbai/Bobmbay for an operation this month - but the only one who will be in therapy for so long. My mom had a ear operation and my other (older) cousin had a brain tumor - both operations were a resounding success so hopefully it's a sign that things should be alright for my younger cousin.

Still, WTF is up with this year and all the medical issues and deaths?