June 1st, 2008

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Unpopular fandom musings...

I have reached the point where I either a) roll my eyes or b)cringe when I see a fic with the AS/S pairing.

The latter occurs usually when the fic happens to already have H/D. It doesn't mean I won't read the fic - I'll read it but try to focus as little as possible on Harry and Draco's kids. If the main focus is AS/S I don't read it.

Initially when the last book got leaked, I hated the epilogue as much as the next person and the AS/S ship was awesome crack. But even before I warmed up to the epilogue, the ship lost its sparkle.

I don't know why exactly. In a lot of ways it felt like a poor imitation of H/D fics. The cliches had been done before and better. Or peeps used Albus and Scorpius as Harry and Draco versions 2.0 who were friends. I got tired of it pretty quickly.

But ultimately though, it was the dynamics. I found it hard to imagine Albus and Scorpius becoming BFFs - which seems to be the popular opinion in fandom. I really don't see them as best of friends or enemies at all but rather, something in between. Perhaps just casual acquaintances. Unless there a reason for the Potters and Scorpius to *click* I think true friendship would take time (especially when there's no near death experiences to bond them) and based on their parent's history they might just steer clear of each other...

The one exception could be James though. He seems like the sort who would cross the line and probably get in Scorpius' face simply because of their family history. It wouldn't really be spiteful -James would probably just enjoy geting a rise out of Scorpius. But I can also see Scorpius, who might be a little more level headed than his father, giving as good as he gets. It's a dynamic that works for me and far more than AS/S.

My response to Calanthe's poll in regards to Al's and Scorpius' characters was this:

Character wise, I do see Scorpius as more level headed/balanced than Draco in the sense that he doesn't prattle on about his family before he even gets to hogwarts. Of course, I do expect him to have his own...quirks? *shrugs* He might have a chip on his shoulder from the way his family is viewed (post-war, I don't think the Malfoys ever regain the respect/status they had before)

Based on the epilogue, I do kinda see Al as the quieter of the two Potter boys - that could change as he matures, but unless there's a catalyst for that, I think time (and familiarity with individuals) would be the only thing to get him out of his shell. Still that doesn't mean he doesn't have his own sense of humor :)

Ultimately, I can see more sparks between James and Scorpius than Al and Scorpius - and the fic that drives that point home is Scorpius Malfoy's Very Bad Week.

I know I'm stepping on a lot of toes, since there are so many peeps who just adore AS/S - just needed to get this out though. The ship feels so hyped and I don't get it. When I loved it, it was a crack!ship which I didn't take seriously, and now when I read serious takes on it, I don't quite embrace the characterizations or dynamics.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Wait, HBP in November?

OMG, HBP is releasing in 5 months? I thought it was coming out next year or something! 21st November? O_O

Well, noticed the latest photos which are pretty awful in quality. Corrected the second one a bit in PS so I could stare a bit more.

I present to you the stars of the HBP movie:

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