June 2nd, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

I keep forgetting...

[001] SKYLARK, THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE ♥ ♥ Such a lovely surprise and it totally made my day *SUPER GLOMP*

[002] To Read List of maderr's stuff: The Succubus + drabble, The Wager, Home + drabble, Lilacs drabble - man she's on a roll O_O

[003] I don't think I will EVER hate spoilers. Why? Well, consider this - you start downloading a 14+ hour drama and come across this bit of juicy information:
THEY ALL DIED. And they found out they were brother and sister while dying!
*headdesk* I am so glad I did not waste over half a day of my life on something that ends like that.

[004] For anyone who has a site of their own: have you used content management systems? I'm looking for personal experiences with joomla, wordpress, drupal, silverstripe, habari and serendipity and sites like cushycms. Actually, I'm pretty familiar with wordpress - it's the others that have me going o_O

[005] Oh, almost forgot! I recently posted up new episodes of Macross Frontier and Junjou Romantica on anime_downloads (check the calendar page) and Kare Kano and Kodomo no Omocha is available at free_manga too.