June 5th, 2008

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Hot 100 lists \o/

My personality type: the independent thinker or I found out I was an INTJ 4 years ago which would make me an Independant Thinker . However, this year I got the chance to do it again and the final result was INTP which means Analytical Thinker. Neither description really fits IMO, so maybe I'm somewhere in the middle for now...

I can't believe I missed the hot 100 lists from afterelton.com and afterellen.com!

Last year, I pointed out that there weren't too many lists of 'hot' women I agreed with but afterellen.com's list was an exception. This year, I'm surprised by how different it is but *shrugs* - still worth a look. Though a lot of the photos are of lower quality IMO.

BUT THE HOT 100 @ After Elton!!! OMFG. Jack Harkness John Barrowman at #2! Jensen Ackles at #13! Heath Ledger also made the list posthumously ;_;

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The thing that disappoints me is the lack of asians (or just men of color) on the list. There was even a thread about it (scroll down)and I couldn't help commenting to it :(

ETA: a collection of clips which show why LEE JUN KI IS AHJSHDSEWNJNW - OMG THIS VIDEO IS ♥
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Your top male hotties...

If you had to choose the hottest famous/well known asian men or 'men of color' (as was stated on the afterelton.com comments), who would they be?

Whether it be far east asian cinema/tv or bollywood or middle eastern singers or really hot athletes, NAMES, PLZ.

If you can link up to a wiki entry or a youtube vid, that'd be good too :F Yes, it's definitely summer.

Feel free to pimp it out! Especially if you have any peeps who could list names ^_^

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ETA: SO MANY PRETTY MEN *_* I think I'm going to compile these guys into a pretty picspam post of doom XD So yeah, expect a post on the Hottest Men (of color?) If you have any others, shoot 'cause having a list of 100 guys would be kinda cool XD

Oh and shabzilla? ILUSM ♥ ♥
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