June 6th, 2008

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Going nowhere...

I think I'm in a bit of a fandom funk, after the craziness of last month. Summer means no classes, so even with an internship I do feel a bit...listless. Feel free to skip this post since I really don't know where I'm going with it. Also, this is pretty much off the top of my head and probably includes generalizations - which you are welcome to headdesk over.

I was going through the favorites on the hd_readers survey and found myself going "!!" over the top 5 favorites lists. Ultimately, I had kinda thought there would have been more classics on the lists. But I guess there's a sort of fandom divide now for Before HBP and After - there are those peeps who don't seem to have really connected with the older fics since their interest in H/D was probably sparked by the events in book 6.

And in some cases you could tell when a person got into a fandom based on their faves- the classics? Probably an old timer. New and not quite established authors? Perhaps the person is newer to fandom? And quite often when I scrolled up and checked their dates, they did match.

My Classic!fave was A Thousand Beautiful Things, but for others it was more likely to be Bond or Starts With A Spin or Secrets or in some few cases...The Sacrifices Arc *shudder*

I admit, I wasn't particularly in *love* with the earliest classics. Irresistable Poison was one of the few that worked, as did the Lodger and Transfigurations. Underwater light? Was a hit and miss. Same with Love Under Will. Till today I can't read Beautiful World and I've forgotten Windfallen. So I guess, just like newer shippers I was shaped by the time/period I really got into H/D.

About a year ago, I recall silentauror's and jennaverre's fics appearing a lot on faves lists. Now? Hmm. Fandom seems to be constantly changing. I have a bad memory when it comes to these things but I remember when emmagrant01 was huge and beren_writes too. And now today, we're far more likely to see mentions of libby_drew, calanthe_fics, frayach, lomonaaeren and jordangrant instead.

And then there are peeps like rurounihime, furiosity et all who feel like they've always been there. Perhaps peeps who were active in fandom pre-2004 will disagree with me and point to bookshop and rhyssen and sarahtales instead - a lot of the oldies have moved on but in some cases - like Maya - they're still pretty active.

Though even that is coming to an end. By fall, Maya will be done with fanfic writing. It feels a bit weird really because I can't seem to think of any of the really old big authors from her time that still write H/D. I've probably just forgotten some peeps though. When did amanuensis1 start writing H/D?

I don't know why but it feels like the end of an era - the books are over, the last big bang is almost here, the first worldcup ended and who knows what'll happen in future? Still, I know I'm still very much the same and just as in love with my OTP as I was in past years. I don't think that's going to change for a long time. So here's to more H/D to squee over and new opportunities to celebrate the OTP love.
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So many sparkles...

[001] MOST GORGEOUS BROWSER EVER - Opera is developing a new default skin (they talk about it here) and holy crap, it's SO FREAKING AMAZING. It also matches my windows visual style superbly *_*

[002] Most of y'all are familiar with Smashing Magazine for showcasing amazing work on the web when it comes to design. Well, NETTUTS has a Best of the Web article for May and it not only focusses on design but also functionality and is really a fantastic resource.

[003] Never mentioned it but along with the movies for Avatar, Robotech and G.I.Joe, there's also a He-Man movie. And the script is supposedly, pure gold. It could very well be a lot of hype and who knows what will happen by the time they film it...still, if the script is half decent, it might make for a film worth watching *hopes*

[004] #1 reason why I should not check out the friends of friends list. The envy, it burns.

[005] I never realised the H/D fic, Invisible to See by FayJay was written in 2003! See? Though it's sad to read the comments and notice nearly everyone has moved on from the HP fandom.

[006] If you've ever wanted to try scifi novels, sarahtales's latest post (and the comments) are a fantastic resource.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Everything I Know About Fandom

22. Remember that whatever reputation you acquire in fandom - accidentally or by design - will follow you around. You can be innocently minding your own business, maybe writing the odd snippet of alien sex, and the next thing you know fandom has crowned you Queen of Tentacle Pr0n. It's usually best to just accept this in the spirit in which it was intended.

A post written in 2005 that is as true today, as it was then. The 25 points will have you nodding, cringing (since you learnt the *hard* way) and snickering.

Go Read :)