June 11th, 2008

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Dreamwidth: just another LJ clone or something more? synecdochic made a post over here about it and while it sounds exciting, LJ's recent policies have taken a turn for the better and having another alternative to LJ might just mean more fracturing of fandom IMO

Most of us seem to be of the opinion that if fandom moves, so will we. But...we are fandom. If we're okay with sticking with LJ through all of drama and wank, maybe we're here to stay - at least for the indefinite future.

And I admit, my signing up to Dreamwidth will probably just depend on if they have the s2 layout styles I tend to work on. And since that's unlikely I probably won't use it as my primary blog any time soon.

Maybe it depends on the development we see. If they're able to keep making improvements on the LJ codes, I might just head over for the functionality and potential eye candy. In any case I signed up to the help and discussion mailing lists for now to at least see where it's headed.