June 12th, 2008

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Movies - HP, Narnia & TGC

I marathoned the HP and Narnia movies yesterday. Ultimately I ended up skimming HP 'cause I remembered something about 10 minutes after I started the first.

The HP movies are actually pretty bad. Or at least the cast (particularly Emma Watson) can't act. Alan Rickman in the last two movies was a caricature of Snape and I really, REALLY hope that's not the case in HBP. Rupert Grint is probably the best out of the Trio, and the saddest bit is, I don't even like Ron. The movies made me warm up to Ginny and now I can actually get incredibly annoyed with Hermione.

Comparitively, the Narnia films kick so much ass, because the four kids were better at acting from the first movie itself. And in the Prince Caspian movie, Ben Barnes was the weakest link. The four kids had bonded over their experiences in the first movie and it showed in their acting onscreen. It also heped that Edmund happened to be extremely shiny. Skandar's acting has improved insanely - or at least his role in the second film fit like a glove. Georgie Henley (Lucy) might have grown super fast, but that just makes me more excited about Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

Oh yeah, and in the first Narnia movie? PETER WAS SO YOUNG. He looked like pure jailbait. Edmund's voice was squeaky - Skandar's voice hadn't broken yet. And umm, I remember watching movie #2's ending, seeing Susan in that white dress and going I CAN HAS BOOBS? Oye they've grown a lot - uh, the kids that is.

Now, if we were to look at The Golden Compass, the movie had a fab cast that could ACT but the script was just lackluster. The HP movies in that sense were more entertaining perhaps. Still, I could easily watch TGC multiple times while trying to watch HP would probably be suicidal. I couldn't even play it in the background. Emma Watson manages to go into hysterics every other scene *facepalm* It kinda makes me wish the casting people for Narnia had had a hand in the HP movies *sigh*

Oh and come to think of it, there's an Artemis Fowl movie coming out in the distant future, right? God, that makes me nervous.
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Browser updates: Firefox & Opera

Most peeps are pretty excited about the new Firefox release next week, one which should set records. I'm excited to try out v3.0 since it's supposed to be much, much faster and also with a smaller memory footprint, thank god.

However, at the same time I'm hoping the few extensions I use don't break - particularly webdeveloper and firebug. I use Firefox for the extensions, period. If they don't work, I'm unlikely to make the switch even if the new browser is better in every other way.

On the other hand I immediately upgraded to the new Opera 9.5 browser today. No, Opera doesn't have extensions. However, it's fast, secure and it has proven to be the most stable browser I've ever used. It's also incredibly feature rich. Multiple extensions would be needed on Firefox to mimic that functionality and...FF's speed tends to slow with too many extensions :(

What's New with Opera 9.5 (on top of existing features)
  • Opera Link: syncs your bookmarks and Speed Dial between your desktop and mobile browser
  • Quick Find: enter a word into the search bar and Opera instantly scans all the pages you have visited looking for matching text
  • New browser engine: the Opera team has made it more than 2x faster than Opera 9.2; faster startup, too
Since I got my new mobile last month, I've been desperate to get Opera Link. Now my browser stays the same no matter which device/computer I use ^_^ And the Quick Find is one of those tools you never realised you needed like hell.

So I upgraded, switched to the theta skin (completely enamored by the refresd button *headdesk*) and automatically had my mail upgraded and my browser synched. No probs whatsoever :) And its so fast and stable ;__;


I've also done a separate install of the beta Opera 9.5 with Dragonfly - let's see how it is with working on css and stuff. It might mean I can just edit CSS directly with Opera instead of having to switch to Firefox (for web developer).

If the opera browser were to become more developer friendly (via extensions), I'd embrace it with open arms. However, even out of the box, for its range of features I STILL HEART OPERA.

Oh and I've also had my gmail account hooked up to my Opera mail client for the past year or two. Have never had to worry about gmail going on the fritz \o/

My browsers: Opera, Flock(Firefox) & Maxthon(IE alternative).

All three are definitely worth trying out especially if you've always used IE or FF. And I admit, IE 7 may be okay but I think I've been scarred for life by IE6. I'll do pretty much anything NOT to rely on IE now.

ETA: Yes, am a total geek.