June 19th, 2008

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Software & Stargate

[001] Was one of the millions of peeps to download FireFox 3.0 yesterday:

YAY: FF is as fast as Opera now.
NAY: As I suspected, not all extensions work. In fact, FF won't even LET us install some unless we do some quick hacks.
YAY: I can always just use my Flock version of FF to use firebug, adblock etc.
WTF: My Opera browser now blocks more ads than FF o_O

The only real loser in this situation is IE. Though an FF browser without extensions seems to equate to a souped up version of Safari in my mind...

Download Firefox 3.0 and Opera 9.5

[002] I can't stop staring at my interests bubble thingy ⇒

[003] To read: John Sheppard/Daniel Jackson fics. I've wanted more of those two after reading At The Hour When We Are Trembling by frostfire_17 - so options 1, 2, 3 and 4 - for a fandom that's so insanely huge, this pairing is one of the rarest of the rare :(

[004] In the process of uploading the entire Stargate series - Atlantis AND SG-1. That's about 300 episodes plus the Ark of Truth movie. Nearly done with Atlantis at the moment :)

[005] What torrent programs do y'all use? I've been using Azureus/Vuze but it's gotten incredibly bloated and I wanna switch

[006] Uh, layout maker meme over here *whistles*
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

FYI on layouts

Awardspace is down *again* so I finally threw in the towel and ported ALL my codes over to my own domain. If you're having any trouble getting a layout to load, change the address of the code from:


To the following:

All layout previews and codes should be available for viewing now since the posts have been updated :) I have a feeling once I make off LJ previews available on my site, I'll transfer the layouts onto a separate community since it's getting rather messy over here.