June 21st, 2008

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I'm doing a marathon of the Stargate series while uploading the eps. I started out with SGA since it was shorter and I'm working my way through Season 3 of SG-1 now.

I remember doing an SGA marathon last year and finding it hillarious. This time round, I've fallen back in LOVE with SG-1. It was the perfect team *_* We had Sam as the science geek, Daniel as the academia dork, Teal'c as the guy with actual experience with the Goa'uld and Our Guy Jack - who's the Harry Potter of the SG world (as a foil to the other characters) except, much much MUCH better *_*

There was enough of a blend of history (myths and legends and fantasy) and science fiction that you could get 10 years out of it.

And for some reason when I look at SGA, I can't help thinking of it as The McKay Show a lot of the time. And McKay is more of a Draco than a Harry. He draws attention to himself like a lodestone. With Jack, I loved his interactions with Daniel, Sam and Teal'c. With McKay? You can have an entire episode with him stranded at the bottom of the ocean and I'll STILL be hooked. Also, McKay is the Go To Guy. If he were to disappear for a season, the Atlantis expedition would be wiped out >_>

In comparison, while pulling Jack out of SG-1 changed the show, once Vala came in, the dynamics between her and Daniel were stunning. She's easily my favorite female character from both shows. And Daniel also came into his own and was far less geeky in the last seasons IMO. Wasn't a bad thing at all:

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And it took me a while but I've come to adore Teal'c - even if he has said "Indeed" so many times that someone actually made a three minute video of it on youtube - I recommend just watching the last 30 seconds, because it is HORRIFYING ^o^

I'm kinda disappointed with SGA at the moment because of the lack of Carson Beckett. His "return" was such a fucking cop out and after all those petitions and fan support, THAT is what we get? WTF.

So watching the first episode of the the new season five - every time I saw Dr. Keller...I kept wondering what Carson would say instead.

Though I have to say, I'm really partial to Woolsey because I LOVED Robert Picardo as The Doctor in Star Trek Voyager (my favorite character on that show along with Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine). Oh and seing this quick spoof had me giggling like mad:

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I think I watch the Star Gate series for the males. With BSG, I'm all for Boomer/Athena and Helo and I have a love/hate relationship with Starbuck and Apollo and Six. With Stargate, I just want my boys.

Oh and lastly, the funniest SG-1 fanvid music video on youtube (terrible quality but it's GUARANTEED to make you laugh and facepalm)

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