July 1st, 2008

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Layout for Charity

Layout on the auction block for livelongnmarry

Offer: Layout - I offer to design a layout based on specifications provided. If the layout is for LJ, it'll use either Expressive, Bloggish, Flexible Squares, Smooth Sailing or Component, depending on your needs - with preference for the first two. If it is on another service such as Insane Journal or JournalFen, I will design it on the Bloggish style.

The layout can be image heavy or minimalist. An image heavy design will include custom graphics like my own personal layout or the layout Celebration.

Depending on your needs the layout can be designed for free, paid or plus accounts. If it is for a paid account, then I might use layers to get an effect that might not be achievable simply with CSS and has more potenial wow factor - like my 2007 LJ Reboot that used an image map, amongst other things.

Contact: Either PM me on LJ or email me at gossymer at gmail.com. Be aware that I will email you several times in regards to layout structure, colorscheme, images etc. with previews as I go along so I can be certain you are satisfied with the final layout.

Delivery: I will have your layout done by Oct 31st but there is the possibility of delivering it much sooner ^_^

Minimum bid: $20

You can bid or comment here

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Ebook formats help

After megyal's latest post, I ended up exhausting the messaging service on LJ to the point where this message shows up when I try to reply to messages:
There was an error processing your request:
This message will exceed your limit and cannot be sent.
*shakes fist at LJ* Have created a support thread to find out why this is happening. How does one convince LJ they're not a spammer?

Long story short is that I'm creating ebooks (with permission) in html format (XML+CSS) and PDF format (converting docs to PDFs via Nitro PDF Pro) and while I'm not having any trouble, I am wondering how best to format the ebooks.

I'm thinking the html versions' font should be in verdana/arial/sans serif for easy reading on a mobile device but I'm not sure if the PDF should be the same font or whether it should use Serif or Times New Roman in case someone wants to print it out for personal reading.

It's pretty easy to zoom into HTML files and make fonts bigger. However, for PDFs, the size of the font can't be changed by the person reading it (even though they can zoom in) so finding the right size is important. 12pt seems about right for printing but for reading, a lot of peeps seem to go with 14pt instead for PDFs. And what about spacing? 1.5 or double or something less like 1.2?

For fanfics, apart from title, author, disclaimer and story, what else would be needed? Should a link be provided to the author's site or lj or the address to the fic online? Should there be a way to contact the author for feedback at the end of the fic?

And how detailed should the standard disclaimer be? Simply "I do not own Harry Potter" or something more detailed like the one at HPfanfic.net:
All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of JK Rowling and her publishers, including but not limited to Raincoast Books, Scholastic, Bloomsbury and Warner Bros. Entertainment. The original characters and plot are the property of their authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

If you read or create ebooks, write fanfic or are vaguely familiar with any of this, opinions would be appreciated.
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Fanfic ebook sharing...

Obviously, I blame megyal for this XD

The Hypothetical H/D Fanfic Ebook Community
  • It would be a place where each author would get a single post in which to list out their ebooks (in PDF, HTML, LIT etc. formats).
  • Authors could include a counter, require people to comment for passwords for access to the files - it would be up to them and completely in their control.
  • Authors would also be reminded that they can include contact info and the current address of the fic in the file so peeps can send them feedback immediately after reading the ebook
  • To prevent spamming of flists, when authors add new ebooks, they could comment to the comm's official update post. Once a week/month the mods could list all the new ebooks that were added to the community.
  • There could be a Wishlist for fanfics people want authors to put up as ebooks - after enough badgering it may encourage authors to post up their fics this way :)
  • There could be a PDF Volunteer Post, where authors who are willing to share a fic as an ebook come forward and people can volunteer to convert/format it for them. This way, lack of tech knowledge doesn't get in the way.
  • Certain editing software such as Nitro PDF Pro could be made available to members to allow for quick editing/conversion of PDFs.
  • Authors would be listed in the memories section or via tags
Oh yeah, and if anyone is waiting for an LJ msg response, I'm banned from the service for another 20 hours I think (I used up all my msg points today ;_;)