July 4th, 2008

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Finally a photo!

[001] A clear and focussed shot of Draco for HBP - about time >_<

[002] After most auctions of interest inflated really fast for livelongnmarry, I'm now focussing all my attention on femmequixotic and snegurochka_lee and bidding at the 11th hour on the 14th/15th...

[003] To date I have uploaded about 127GB of files to MegaUpload. And considering I spend 90% of my time downloading instead of uploading, MU has probably seen terabytes of data usage from me O_O Thank god for cheap premium accounts.

[004] Remember my prompt submissions for hd_inspired? BOTH GOT CLAIMED! WOOT!

[005] After I heard they were reshooting scenes just months before Hancock was to be released, I figured the movie had some damage control to do. And sure enough, reviews so far don't seem very promising. Anyone seen the movie for themselves yet?
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Bookswim - Netflix for Books

Why would anyone want to pay $14 a month for book rentals when you can go to the library?

Well, for one thing, the library doesn't have the books that just got released - those can take anywhere from a few months to half a year or more to get into circulation :(

I went over to Bookswim.com and chose the 11 books options at a time option - yeah, that's $36. HOWEVER, by typing in the code "11for11" I get my first month for $11 only. It's a great thing for the summer and heavy reading of newly released novels.

I think I'm going to wait until the new Temeraire book "Victory of Eagles" can be rented. And OMG, they have yaoi manga too *_* Have yet to find those at the local library when casually browsing.

I can get to read all those new hardbacks that would cost $25+ at the local bookstores. If I read them fast, I can mail them back and get more - just like a library. And I don't have to worry about the late fees *_*

Yeah, okay, I don't see myself using this for more than a month or two because I don't read THAT much year round and I don't spend $15+ on books everymonth - just some months. Especially the summer. So for this season, it's definitely an investment.