July 10th, 2008

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So I was looking at the winners of Cover Contest 2007 (here) - and I really shouldn't have clicked the link to Two Image Cover winners.

Oh. My. God.


It was like going back to highschool and seeing all those het romance novels in the local private library.The guy always seems to have his chest exposed - or happens to be wearing regency clothing? And it's always a) On a bed or b) Embrace from behind/front or c) Walking towards each other with 'fuck me' eyes *laughs hysterically*

My sides. They hurt XD

Oh and side note, when I see a cover with a topless male, I get excited thinking it's a m/m novel - unfortunately, naked males = het romance? Or Sherrilyn Kenyon and other authors who know what really makes a girl look >_> Still, IMO naked people seem like a cop out for a book cover, 99% of the time

If you could get an artist to make a m/m book cover, what would it look like? I was thinking of maderr's fic, Main Gauche when I thought of this and what came to mind was the tournament where Tan and Dagger are duelling *_* No need for fuck me eyes or naked chests - seeing the fight in color would have me pulling out my wallet in the next few minutes XD

What about y'all?
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Actual rage and loathing...

Things should never reach hype-status. Hype changes things and what might have started out as something you dislike, for instance, Twilight, becomes a source of loathing and anger - so much so that every time you come across blog posts, articles, TV spots or just people gushing about it, you want to yell STFU.

When things become so hyped, peeps get turned off by it. Or they expect it to be amazing (eg. the korean drama Coffee Prince), only to discover it to be just better than average. And you realise that if they hadn't heard the hype they might have enjoyed it a lot more.

In some cases, fandom does make everything better. I'm sure I'd have lost interest in HP after so much public mania, (like my sister who has yet to read books 6 and 7) if not for the sporking, crack and awesome fanworks that showed that even juvenile epilogues can be a source of entertainment and in some cases, oddly interesting fic :)

Hype means that everyone and anyone is talking about the thing and we have comparisons where "The Twilight series is the next Harry Potter series" and then all the Twilight fanmoms girls jump out yelling, "Guyz, it's SO MUCH BETTER than Harry Potter, like DUH" and all you want to do is facepalm cause that is JUST NOT ON.

Fandom means the fangirling/fanboying occurs in less public groups where one can go crazy over the subject matter, make badges and cookies and scarves all about your OTP - while not trying to convince random people that yes Zuko and Katara are MEANT for each other and who is this Aang person anyway? Nevermind that all those people care about is someone called Toph...wait, oh yeah, that short girl. Pfft, she came in during Season 2 and is obviously not a main character. Zuko/Katara FTW


Long story short, these two posts and more specifically this thread made me wonder if there was a place on LJ where peeps can share their dismay over Twilight mania. A place of refuge from the sparkles of vampire glitter that leave you cringing. Please tell me there is a community, please.