July 12th, 2008

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LJ's fiddling with the profiles again...

grrliz pointed out that LJ is redesigning the profile pages and anyone can check it out by sticking "?ver=2008" to the end of a profile page web address.

I think I would like to have the profile with username on the top left, the buttons for add a friend, message etc. on the top right, the bio on the left and all the other stuff (name, email, birthday, schools, memories etc.) in a floaty box down the right. Beneath all that would be the friends/comms/feeds stuff.

However, if all the misc stuff needs to go across the top, then...
Collapse )

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Please note that it is now early morning and I didn't bother spending much time doing the mock up.

On one hand, yeah, the old profile works fine and why mess with that? On the other hand, I love redesigns done right. An example of this would be DeviantART - they just launched version 6 of the site and...me like :)
* why god why?

The hotness of HP fen...

bzzinglikeneon pointed out the latest round of HP Fanartists Vs. HP Fanficcers - who is hotter? The random picspam made me insanely flaily XD

And I had to say this:

Y'know, I'd love to represent except, there's no category for the reccers, or the comm layout makers (and I don't think HP icons count as fanart)...though I have done some random drabbles that never went anywhere and this was my last scanned HP art:


Yeah, my skillz at art are limited to doodles in note books >_< And I can only do chibi dolls :(