July 18th, 2008

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Non Spoilery thoughts on The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight was just so damn cool. I couldn't help but marvel at the ingeniousness and the cleverness of the movie. It had an incredibly well thought out story that managed to do the whole good vs evil shindig, but also managed to give it so many more sides and layers. Not to mention, the characters were brilliantly developed, from the Joker to Harvey Dent to Rachel Dawson. Yeah, finally a movie that does justice to the heroine (character-wise)

However, on the emotional level, it was movies like Iron Man and WallE that got me feeling for the protagonists. Even Prince Caspian had me enjoying the sibling relationships. The stories in these other movies are nowhere as tight and well developed but they did make me feel for the characters. The Dark Knight is a brilliant film and a fantastic rollercoaster ride but...it didn't quite make me empathize with the people on screen.

I've never connected with Bruce Wayne or his alter ego and the same applies to every other character. The draw for me had been the Joker, ever since they made that casting announcement that Heath was playing the role and fans everywhere seemed to go...WTF? But I couldn't wait ♥.

And the Joker was the best part about the movie. Fabulous stuff.

It did make me want to read AU fanfiction though - maybe a world where Batman and the Joker's roles are reversed and Batman is a villain who never kills (there are so many worse things than killing though) and Joker...well, is it possible to have a Joker that's not crazy? Maybe not. Oh well.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


Not really spoilery since it's just Zuko and Toph sitting on the floor (from the Ember Island episode)