July 26th, 2008

HP - Draco - Makani

Starter Kit Rec List


This is for ponderosa and for anyone who might be interested in getting into Harry/Draco fics but doesn't know where to start.

It's a mix of complete fics, both new and old. There is a sortable table at the top, so peeps can find fics by pairing, length or author. After that, the fics are listed with summaries and keywords.

I'm still trying to remember some of the shorter awesome fics in the ship so there'll probably be at least one more update in future. Any feedback would be appreciated.

ETA: When all is said and done the list is probably going to be capped at 50 fics (currently its at 37). That leaves out a LOT of stuff, but I've included links to the classics and the rec list directory, so peeps can find more :) I am mainly looking for short!fics to balance out the huge ones.

Child of ETA: Fic count is now 55 fics exactly.