August 1st, 2008

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And now for something different...

I stumbled onto The Big List of RPG Plots - a list I first saw last fall I think. And it got me wondering.

Guys, if y'all decided to start writing original fiction, what would it be about?

What genre would it be? Fantasy? Historical? Science Fiction? Something else?
Would it be slash? Would there be any romance at all?
Would the protagonist be male? Female? Would it be a group of peeps with no primary character focus?
Whose POV would it be in? Would there be multiple POVs?
And keywords that come to mind when you think of the plot: (e.g. apocalypse, knights, rock band etc.)

I was wondering what kinds of stories I'd end up reading if most of the flist started writing original fic XD Well, those who aren't already, lol

Oh and btw, new default icon! Actually, the same image used in an old default icon, but with brighter colors XD It's the summer version!