August 5th, 2008

* leaving on a jet plane - wanderlust

Terminus, here I come!

Ok, my flight tommorow is at 6 AM, and I have an insane amount of stuff I still need to do - and that's with RL!

I've got packing and planning of my Terminus schedule down for 'late late night' because there are several things I NEED to finish before I leave.

And I am reminded that I should have jumped on the covention bandwagon a lot earlier 'cause printing custom postcards for H/D goodie bags takes either 1)a week or two OR b)over $100...which is soooo not an option :(

Oh well, will stick to posters.

Take this as my notice of a SEMI HIATUS TILL THE 12TH!

Yeah, no more daily spamming XD I know some of y'all are probably relieved hahaha