August 13th, 2008

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Out of the Loop

So I am still in a Terminus funk and while most peeps flists seemed to have slowed to a crawl in the past week, I'm surprised by how much I missed D: D: I mean, here's some of the main bits I noticed:

ORIGINAL SLASH DRABBLES ;_; Olympics picspams of hot boys who are SRSLY HOT. Postcards! Peeps getting back from vacation and dumping Firefox for Opera (*\o/*) Awesome polls and crushing illness where no virtual hugs were sent from me. Discussions on Slash.  MMORPG games. Spas. The Dark Black Night XD New shows. New anime eps. Rants on PMS. Vacation photos that are beautiful and also sad. Anon gifting. Russia and War (yes I use LJ to keep up with news, what?) Experiments with coloring. RL posts. Fest deadlines. Friending frenzies not related to Terminus surprisingly. nq's posts DURING terminus. Fic recs. OTAKON PICSPAMS. jsdvksjj M WRITING MORE FAIRTALE SLASH FTW. Yaoi manga. Talks about even more HP fests. HP fanart. HP fic. M TALKING ABOUT MORE OPTIONS FOR FAIRYTALE SLASH. Time Travel polls. Obama vids. Bush lolcat photos. Texas picspams. Eye Exams. MORE Terminus postings. Bernie Mac's death. Olympic medals. Birthday posts. MORE ORIGINAL SLASH DRABBLES ;_;  The new Dieux du Stade Calendar. Macross Frontier OST. Layout complaints made of fail. Acceptance to Uni. Memes. Star Wars Election buttons. Fests sucking peeps in. PEOPLE GETTING SUCKED INTO TWILIGHT, WHY GOD WAI???? Oh, it's 'cause of the cracktastic awfulness. Okay :)