August 14th, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Photos of male snoggage please...

[001] fourth_rose did satire!fic on Harry Potter/Discworld/Twilight - short but awesome!

[002] I just finished a whole roll of tissue - damn congestion :( At least my nose isn't red and puffy (yet)

[003] I am in need of photos. Of KISSES. Well, HQ photoshoots of kisses involving two males standing, preferably with one of them a bit taller than the other. Okay, okay, it doesn't have to be high quality. Have been reduced to checking flickr now.

[004] Like kirarakim I have NO IDEA where Bonen no Xamdou is headed, but so far I'm enjoying it. Y'all can find downloads for the anime over here

[005] maderr's recent drabbles include bits for Jewels of Bangkok, Behind the Mask, Perfect Son (Main Gauche), Genius, Brightleaf and much, much more *_* She also wrote a new fairytale

[006] I've probably not listed them out before, but here are all the HP pairings I read:
  • OTP: Harry/Draco
  • Next Gen ship: James/Scorpius
  • Threesome ships: Teddy/James/Scorp and James/Scorp/Al
  • Weasley ship: Charlie/Percy
  • Alternate Draco ship: Snape/Draco
Ok, need to go find another tissue roll for my nose now...