August 16th, 2008

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Fic & Art make the best posts...

[001] GORGEOUS HARRY/DRACO ART, OMFG - by _lile btw XD

[002] Why is it already night? Crap, have so much to do :(

[003] jdillon (one of the first artists I ever fangirled online) redid an old pic and I'm still very much in awe of her talent. I keep looking at the tail in the new version and the way the light reflects off of it *_*

[004] undressah pointed me to jeanauvray, a friendslocked journal which contains an original slash version of the Beauty & the Beast tale - and its complete! The author just requires an email after friending and she friends back super fast. She's also interested in feedback so do try it out!

[005] Back in June, who_la_hoop wrote Teddy/Scorpius/James fic. I'm quite sure I missed it 'cause the name "Sirius" was in the post and I assumed it was MWPP era fic. It's not. It's deliciously hot fic that y'all should check out and drool over. Threesomes FTW!
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