August 21st, 2008

anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


These two comment!memes are the last ones I'm going to be participating in for a while - mainly to combat the anon!meme wankage though >_>

I'm not a hardcore icon maker but I do make icon posts so...

And yay for some snaps!love!
Snaps Cup Meme
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anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Lots of WTFs this week...

[001] On the anime front, I just want to say FUCK YOU MACROSS FRONTIER

[002] I've noticed that it's usually the anime/manga series which destroy my OTPs: Death Note, Gundam 00, Shounen Onmyouji...and the latest gift from hell. ARGH.

[003] On the SGA cancellation: am nowhere as crushed as I was when it happened to SG-1. I guess I'm still pissed about Carson Beckett's treatment *shrugs* But yeah, I'm trying to figure out what's left to watch now. Eureka might be th only other sci-fi show I watch every week.

[004] FIG finale in Dallas - anyone familiar with it? Am trying to decide if I should drive there early morning to get there for the opening on just go on Saturday with my sis.

[005] Amazon checkout is a fabulous alternative to paypal. You can send money to peeps via your bank account or even your credit card. I trust them far more than Paypal any day (I've been an amazon customer since 1999 when I was still in highschool) If you are already an amazon customer? Sign up is super fast and easy.

[006] Random original slash rec: Ain't Nothin' In New York - a lovely little ficlet that I stumbled upon

[007] Have updated my userpics with over a dozen icons - including the one I'm currently using :)