August 28th, 2008

multi - STV - coffee

New Stargate Universe show < Star Trek Voyager

I think I've reached the point where I've seen too many shows bite the dust and as long as they've had at least three seasons, I'm not too torn up. And if they're going to just start another series in the same verse after, I'm 'kay.

HOWEVER, Stargate Universe seems like an imitation of Star Trek Voyager - it could be crackier and far less serious, but it'll also have much more convoluted plots than STV *winces* Also, this talk of targeting younger audiences does NOT make me happy. Didn't BSG show Sci Fi channel that people LIKE hardcore stuff?


Oh and found some HYSTERICAL Star Trek icons! My favorite three:


(not mine, credit rightonicons)

Though despite being an awesome show, finding decent icons of Voyager is damn hard :(