September 5th, 2008

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Lost in Austen + Browser stuff

[001] Say what you will about ITV's Lost in Austen, but when the last line of the preview is "Ms. Price just assaulted Mr. Collins!" you know I'm going to watch the next episode. How many of us have wanted to deck the guy when we read Pride & Prejudice?

*shrugs* Some people have Gossip Girl. I've got Lost in Austen now.

[002] Are the browser wars back? From this post, it seems like it. One thing I have to say is that Google Chrome doesn'tt impress me at all yet.

Google's new browser seems to borrow existing features from several browsers, including IE, Firefox, Opera and Safari. It has few innovations and none of them are things that I would use at this time. For a browser that has been in development for 2 years, you'd think they'd have unveiled it when they had something more to go on about.

[003] A recent poll on showed Adblock Plus to be the most popular addon for FireFox. If that's the reason you adore the browser, I'd like to point out that Opera does the same thing. Just head over to this page and save the file where it tells you to. Restart Opera. Voila, ad blocking!

[004] Shiny Wallpapers for September!