September 7th, 2008

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All about the art


rickey_a pointed out totally NOT work safe threesome art - that's right, ART. It has one of my biggest and rarest kinks with a menage a trois :F

[002] sharona1x2 made my day. Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion is out on torrents, YAY! I've been wanting subs since last year ;_; FINALLY ♥

[003] All the posts about random userpics appearing on LJ have made me paranoid. Went over to my userpic page and saved it to my laptop (with images) - I KNOW I'll forget the pics if they get randomly replaced >_<

[004] I went O_O when I saw the title for this art: Plug Me Please? It's actually super cute, but my mind went straight to the gutter >_>

[005] On comic strips: two of my dailies have focussed on recent american politics: Least I Could do (over here) and Sinfeed (here). I think I prefer Looking for Group's awesome focus on Marilyn Monroe instead XD

[006] masterofmercury pointed out a cute Hitman Reborn fanart comic for Hibari's birthday ^^
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer


I was thinking of trying a multi-vitamin supplement and the one that immediately came to mind (from all the ads) was Centrium. Checking out Amazon's bestselling vitamins though, I noticed these two as well.

I just wanted to get one and see if I could stick to it...but can't figure out what to get :( Anyone have any experience with mult-vitamin supplements?