September 11th, 2008

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Book Jumping as a plot device

Far more rare than time travel or AU, is book jumping - where the character ends up in a novel.

It may or may not be a novel we have read - it could be something the author made up. The character who does the jump may or may not be from our time period/world/setting. In any case, book jumping is something I can't resist.

I'm more of a fan of Thursday Next in the Jasper Fforde novels than Amanda Price in Lost in Austen. But even if it's incredibly trashy, I don't know why but I have to read/watch it.

I adored the way Jasper Fforde did it - the book world having its own legal system and jobs and even tourism where book characters can travel to other stories. And having characters who rebel against their roles or hate their acting/work buddies and do their own thing when they aren't required in a particular scene.

It was so bloody cool.

We see a bit of it in fanworks sometimes. Where the HP characters see the movies for themselves and we get to read their reactions and commentary. Or fanart where Zuko and Iroh are trying to be all serious and it's an outtake where they just burst out laughing and can't stop -___-

I wonder if characters from fantasy novels would get snubbed by those from classics?

My dream original fic would be seeing a character go on vacation - or hiding - in a different genre. Perhaps it would be like a witness protection program and they'd get a temp position in another novel (subbing for a character who's ill with a bookworm virus or something).

So we have the secret identity thing going on, possibility of death and maybe not knowing who's after them, being in a book with a crazy storyline and script as well as working for/with peeps who snub the character and do things that are just plain weird. And maybe a bit of tension and chemistry and falling in love on the side but really, there's no time for that in their opinion XD

And it could be slash or het and I'd be just as happy with either (though I admit, slash is super easy to read XD) It's just a plot device that's rarely used and is something that makes me all starry eyed and crazy interested.

GAH, will shut up now and go to sleep *sigh*
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

40 scenic/nature/landscape wallpapers

I wanted to change my wallpaper and searched DeviantART's nature/landscape wallpapers and their high definition/widescreen ones too.

Came across a number of gorgeous images - some from photographs, others from digital painting etc. I thought I'd pimp out my faves in case anyone else wanted something new too.

Click on the images to be taken to the DevART pages for downloading!

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