September 12th, 2008

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Default View Custom Filter? Is way cool *_*

[001] I've been active on LJ for over 2 years but I only just discovered that you can create a custom friends filter called Default View and lj will automatically treat that as your regular flist. The only difference between my old view and the new one is that my new one doesn't have the icons journals and layout stuff. Instead, I created an icon filter for all of that. It's so clean and easy to read now *_*

Though I finally understand how some people can read their flists when they have 800+ friends. Still, I can't stand the idea of filtering friends out.

[002] I found the above option via azurelunatic's posts on the basics of lj and friending - supremely useful for anyone on LJ.

[003] Chester Bennington's comments about the VMAs this year had me going, HELL YEAH. I remember the VMAs in highschool had me going o_O from all the rock bands and stuff. This year was Disney, complete with sparkles and kinda sucked balls IMO.

[004] Have caught up with One Piece. Episode 312 with the Going Merry had crying. I have now decided I'm going to try out a few more shows I initially skipped because of first impressions, starting with Gintama. After that, probably Samurai Champloo. Rurouni Kenshin will probably always be my favorite samurai!anime though.

[005] I don't want to get back into reading Naruto until we have SOME resolution for Naruto+Sasuke because that's the only thing that I really want to know. I'm going to try the One Piece manga soon and might catch up with Bleach (hopefully there'll be around 100 chapters to read by now)

[006] Will be sharing Adobe Illustrator and Sai Painting Tool (english version) soon ^_^