September 13th, 2008

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If you get a reply to a comment you made a week or two ago - that's just me catching up on comments to my LJ.

And I'll hopefully be able to send out responses for other stuff these next few weeks. I keep wincing every now and then 'cause I should have replied to certain things much sooner but...didn't.

Shoul hould have it all taken care of soon though!

Yeah, this is procrastinating/lurker me. I try to post once a day but that's pretty much my limit when it comes to being 'active' Total failboat.
anime - amatsuki - smile - summer

Last bit of spammage ^^

[001] Newest icon is made of win, yes? It's a variation of an old one and is specifically for Macross Frontier but also for all those fandoms where canon gets so crazy it should jump off a cliff. Afterlife!fic would be more fun anyway >_<

[002] Tried waxing my eyebrows at home with those small pre-made wax strips. The skin turned red and bumpy and started burning. Is probably going to take the weekend to heal ;_;

[003] lillym0n pointed this article out which reminds me that there is very little hope for the males of our species *wince*

[004] Lifehacker has had some interesting posts in the past day or two. They pimped out: