September 15th, 2008

* leaving on a jet plane - wanderlust

Funny icons XD

[001] Ended up re-reading the awesomeness that is Situation Normal by Sleeps with Coyotes. And then Contact. And then switched fandoms and read her other fics If & And. DAMN YOU MULTI-FANDOM WRITERS. Totally got sidetracked from other things :< But yeah, she's wonderful.

[002] FABULOUS Gundam Wing fanart - it's Preventer Wind aka Milliardo Peacecraft aka Zechs Merquise - and he happens to have a picture in his hand ;D

[003] Found some hillarious icons at hazelsparkle:



I burst out laughing everytime I see the omg.yay one XD

[004] The Power Traveller's Checklist - something to look over before you travel! Some rather useful tips actually.

[005] bday_packages is a comm where members send each other gifts on their birthday. Kinda awesome to receive surprise packages that aren't junkmail, lol. Might join next summer.

[006] There was a post on meta_fandom on Words You Don't See Often Enough in Fanfic. It got me wondering, are there any words that would make you CHEER if you saw them in original fics or fanfics?
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Deviant Art pimpin'

If you're not in the mood for art and fanart, skip. It's all about recent discoveries on DevART.
  1. Naruto + Sasuke fanart: Discovered orpheelin today via her most popular piece on DA, which is NaruSasu. However, she does not draw yaoi. She been doing art for a while now and I really like the poses and angles/perspectives. It's a very anime!style that reminds me of art from Kizuna and Ai no Kusabi.

    She has a lot of pretty boys (1, 2, 3, 4) but nearly everything is het...and one art piece that is almost femmeslash.

    And she posted a threesome today - very pretty lineart. But it feels like its all about the woman though >_> Perhaps having a woman in the middle is supposed to make it more balanced? But I'd have loved to see the woman on the left and one of the boys in the center. Less focus on just one character and more lovin' amongst all three :F

  2. Hot Velma! (Scooby Doo): Who couldn't STAND the Scooby gang as a kid? *raises hand* The only redeeming bit was Velma - she was a geek who (IMO) pwned everyone else. And yeah, I kinda thought she could be hot. This pic proves it -___-

  3. Hot Blond Vega (Street Fighter) + Gambit (X-Men): If these were available in my highschool years and my mom wouldn't have killed me dead, I'd have posted them over my bed, LOL

  4. The BEST One Piece Fanart EVAH + Random chibi shot of Zoro & Luffy: Yeah, never thought I'd be into One Piece art but the first one was so well done! And I'm a sucker for chibis *shrugs*

  5. Rock stars: why bandom is probably always going to be popular...

  6. Heero/Duo (Gundam Wing): sharona1x2 pointed out that the artist who drew that Zechs piece I pointed out earlier, also drew a fantastic 1x2 piece too! I think I was at Terminus at the time and missed it :(